Shingle Roofing Packages

Over the last few years we have made a larger footprint in the local shingle market! We have been working closely with GAF Roofing and our Distributors to gain insight and knowledge on how shingles work to protect one of your largest assests: Your Home! Not only have we expanded our roofing inventory, we have also added a few mechanical items that will save you a few headaches as well as our own! Browse our roofing porfolio to gain insight in the mechanics of roofing, as well as viewing colors and designs to fit your personal needs! Call us anytime for a quote on a shingle package or for any information you may need!

GAF Shingles

Effective Jan.1, 2011, all GAF laminated shingle, including all Timberline shingles, will be covered by a lifetime ltd. warranty when installed on single family residences. GAF will no longer offer any laminated shingles with just a 30-year or 40-year warranty, a first for any roofing manufacturer.


GAF's How-To library presents videos of correct techniques for GAF's Smart Choice Roof System Solution. Helping assure a superior roof installation is one more way that GAF is your best and safest choice. Click here to browse the How-To library.

Click here for a complete list of available Shingle Colors, Photo Galleries, Product Information, Instructions, Data Sheets, and Codes.

Shingle Elevator

We have a shingle elevator that can be sent to the jobsite with the shingle package to make installation more efficient for the contractor or the DIY homeowner! The Shingle Elevator is a shingle lift, shingle hoist, shingle conveyor, shingle ladder that places 20 square on the roof every 10 minutes and weighs 85 pounds WITH the motor! And is only 22" wide x 15' 8" long. Stop by our office or call us for availability!

Shingle Materials Checklist

Before you start any shingle project make sure you have covered all the bases, here is a complete checklist of the tools and materials you may need:

Tools:                                 Roofing Materials:
Roll-off Dumpster   Plywood/Roof Boards


  Roof Edge

Shingle Forks

   Weather Shield
Tarps   Felt Paper
Pry Bar   Staples
Hammers   Valley Tin/Flashing
Stapler   Bent Tin Shingles
Circular Saw   Starter Shingles
Extension Cords   GAF Timberline Shingles
Air Compressor   GAF TimberTex Ridge Cap
Air Hoses   Roof Venting
Roofing Nailers   Roofing Nails
Roof Jacks   Roof Pipe Flashing Boots
Scaffoldling   Roofing Tar/Caulk